We have been blessed to have you as both Lauren and Julia's preschool teacher. You are encouraging, loving, know how to provide the perfect balance of both structure and fun, and take the time to understand your students inside and out. You have made their first school experience so positive and they will carry that academic confidence with them for years to come. We thank you from the bottom of our hears for all your hard work and the love you pour into each school day.
Love, The Macaulays


We are going to miss you! You have been a special person in Rhyal's life for 2+ years. Thank you for nurturing him as a whole child. He has blossomed in so many ways & we are very confident that he will do well from here on out. Thank you for being his foundation!

Best, Sarai, Huxley & Rhyal

Thank you for making Miisha's first year of preschool so special and memorable! All of your patience and care, your smiles and concern, they mean so much. Thank you for creating such a safe and fun environment for our girl. We appreciate you so much!!

Love, The Kiuchi's

2451 Santa Clara Avenue
Alameda, CA 94501